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Wildlife Art

I enjoy observing animals, wildlife, birds and just about any of God’s creatures. Animal art or wildlife art has always been a pleasing subject to many people, including myself. Therefore, many of the pieces of original art prints offered are wildlife art prints. An animal art print in a room can set the tone for many moods. You could create a hunting lodge or even a back-to-nature setting. Wildlife art prints can warm and soothe or do just the opposite, electrify and stimulate. With the right lighting on an animal art print along with just the right accessories a room can be transformed.

Working from real life and photo research, I try to capture as much detail as possible in the art. My wildlife illustrations show textures of fur and hair, feathers and hide. My love of the outdoors is evident in my use of earthy colors along with exciting patterns of foliage, rich greens of leaves, forest shade and light to set the mood. I strive to capture the beauty of nature in these wildlife illustrations. Choosing the right animal art print to fit your home or office décor can sometimes send you on a mental journey to far away places and exotic lands; Africa, the West Indies, the seashore, mountain forests or grassy plains.

Wildlife Art Prints

There will be more wildlife art prints to come. These will compliment the current collection of animal art prints that are available now; zebras, wolf, gorilla, longhorn steer, alligator, bird of paradise, water buffalo and more. If you have a desire for specific wildlife illustrations, please contact me with your suggestions and/ or requests at mg@mikeguillory.com.



grey wolf wildlife art

zebra wildlife

water buffalo